Friday, August 17, 2007

This book is RRRREALLY good!

The ABC bookstore has compiled a booklet for its annual book festival. This year, the general theme is "Waterscape."

I was asked to recommend a title along with a little more than 150 others. You can pick up a copy of it this week, for free (sure).

My pick was Josephy Brodsky's Watermark. There is another person, Jun Aoki, who has chosen this same book.

The booklet reminds me of many titles that I haven't had a chance to lay my hands on. It's good, occasionally, to join such a project! Thanks to my friend Hiroe Ogawa...

「水景」ABC Bookfes 2007, konohonhahontouniii

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Some of my recent writings of no importance: reading journals in Subaru and an essay in Gengo.

「読書日録」 (「すばる」2007年8月号、pp.322-323)
「読書日録」 (「すばる」2007年9月号、pp.320-321)
「クレオールな存在、ピジンな生き方」 (「言語」2007年9月号、pp.60-67)

Already half of August has passed. No goal in sight. With the temperature constantly rising to 37 degrees, nothing much can be expected. But alas, un montón de trabajo...