Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fringe Frenzy

Fringe Frenzy is the name of our newly established give-away paper issued by the members of my graduate seminar. Our regular attendees are:

Masaki Unozawa, an art activist and critic
Francisco "Paco" Garcia, from Montréal, a subtitle translator for Japanese anmimation films
Takahiro Ito, a would-be photographer
Koyo Kitamura, an experimental filmmaker

Our first issue is actually the issue number ZERO. In which I interviewed my friend Shuhei Hosokawa (musicologist) and wrote an article on painter Takako Hojo, as well as a travel diary from my trip to Lisbon in 2003.

This we will publish monthly, hopefully. Keep an eye on it!

And Artaud says

Time to resume my writing this blog. Here is what Artaud says, and it's very true.

"...pas de pensée si le corps ne se meut."

Exactly. And no écriture if we don't die one day...sooner or later.

It's between myself and death that I negociate this infra-space of writing.