Saturday, August 23, 2008


Can't quite believe it and don't want to believe it, too.
But it seems that AUTUMN is written all over the place!
There's a bitter edge of remorse in every space.
I don't think I can ever keep up the frantic pace.
No district of my mind is slated for the ace.
Whatever I undertake is well out of the race.
A pitbull doesn't hunt for mice.
I better cook and preserve some rice.
For I need to go on a trip abroad.
Nothing soothing awaits me on the road...

After my viewing of the very fine documentary Freestyle I can't help but try some rhyming as if I was also a cipher!

But only another week to go before we lose August with the face of Augustus the reticent.

I have lots of work to finish up. And I am rather nervous for this up-coming, very important trip of my life.

I am off to Nuevo Mexico in a week.